Meteorology Department

The role of the Meteorological Department is to produce and disseminate weather and climatic information to the aviation, agriculture and other sectors in order to facilitate informed decision making.

The Department performs the following specific functions:

  1. Generate and disseminate meteorological information to stakeholders and the Public;
  2. Establish, upgrade and maintain meteorological stations countrywide;
  3. Collaborate with various stakeholders on meteorological matters;
  4. Undertake research in meteorology and related matters;
  5. Facilitate the domestication and implementation of international, regional treaties and protocols on meteorology matters;
  6. Sensitize and educate the public on meteorological matters.

Forecasting Unit

The Section shall be responsible for the following functions:-

  1. Conducting research on Zambian weather and climate and coordinate with relevant institutions at home and abroad;
  2. Analyzing current weather scenarios;

  3. Collecting and Disseminating maritime weather, information and products.
  4. Coordinating and managing the operations of surface, upper air and maritime observations to ensure high quality observatories data.


Climatology and Advisory Services Unit

The functions of the Section shall be as follows: –

  1. To process and analyze climatic data publications and archive/store them.

  2. To collect, process and analyze rainfall data and provide hydrological   analysis and advise for other resources management.

  3. To collect, process and analyze radiation, seismological and background air pollution data.


Engineering and Computer Services Unit

This is a technical Unit responsible for: –

  1. Installing, repairing, and maintaining instruments and equipment
    meteorological instruments and equipment.
  2. Calibrating meteorological instruments and equipment.

  3. For computer services in the Department.