Human Resources and Administration

The Department of Human Resources and Administration is responsible for managing and developing human resources in order to improve the performance of the Ministry. It will also provide administrative and logistical support in order to facilitate the effective operations of the Ministry.

The following are the Functions of the Department: –

  1. Interpret and disseminate Conditions of Service;
  2. Implement staff welfare programs including the coordination of HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs and activities;
  3. Co-ordinate the institutionalization of the Performance Management Package (PMP);
  4. Coordinate addressing of staff disciplinary matters;
  5. Undertaking records Management;
  6. Provide secretarial services;
  7. Coordinate Human Resource Management     and Development;
  8. Undertake Payroll Management and Establishment Control;
  9. Undertake Office Management; and 10. Undertake Transport management.